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Hunting Season: March 22 - April 30


While March brings about the close of another quail season, it also signifies the coming of spring turkey season. There’s nothing more exciting than seeing that big gobbler work into gun range to the sound of your call. We have over 15,000 acres in which to experience this unique opportunity. Come let our professional staff help you add a trophy “Tom” to your collection.


  • Turkey Hunt Package – $1400.00 per person for Two Day Hunts and Includes all meals, lodging and guide.

  • Limit: 1 gobbler per person, per day


Our turkey hunting package includes guide, dressing and packing of bird, one night’s lodging, three meals, and an open bar.


Turkey Hunting notes:

  • Two day minimum required when booking a hunt.

  • Only one gobbler may be killed per hunter per day.

  • A shot fired is considered a kill!*


* We apologize for this new policy, but we feel that in order to provide the same opportunities to our guests throughout the entire turkey season we must enforce this rule. A gobbler that has been shot at and missed is now very educated and might as well be dead! Thanks for your understanding.

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