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High technology has gradually replaced the good ol’ days of educational explorations through neighboring tracts of land, and kids are losing touch with one of the world’s most precious interactive experiences … MOTHER NATURE!


Enter Camp Wildlife (Advanced) — for boys and girl ages 8-16. This five-day, fifteen-camper program is designed to educate and entertain today’s youth in all aspects of the outdoors. Its a safe place where kids can learn about nature and its wonders. So, drop your kid(s) off for a week of structured, outdoor fun and learning while you enjoy surrounding shops, beaches and championship golf courses. Hunter education courses available upon request.


Campers do not need additional money unless you want them to have the opportunity to buy merchandise from our pro shop.


*Private rooms are available for all girl campers, and special arrangements may be made for those kids not wishing to spend the night. There is no price break if your camper does not spend the night.


2022 Session Date:

Not hosting due to COVID-19


For more information and registration:

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